Crochet Shorts


Che estate sarebbe senza shorts?? Dopo una lunga ricerca ho trovato questo schema su Ravelry, ma è stato un lavoro abbastanza lungo, anche perché ho dovuto modificare il numero di punti per adattarlo alla mia taglia. Comunque ne è valsa la pena! Se avete qualche domanda sullo schema scrivetemi pure, buona giornata!

What summer would it be without shorts?? After a long research I found this pattern on Ravelry, but it was a long job, also because I had to change the number of stiches to fit my size. However, it is worth it! If you have any question on the pattern write me, have a nice day!








3 thoughts on “Crochet Shorts

  1. Hi I have a question, did you shorten the height of the shorts, cause I honestly do not like the idea of them going over my belly button. I have a short waist.

    Thank you Jasmine

    • Hello Jasmine,
      I adapted the pattern to my size, so trying if the shorts were fitting on me almost at every round. I suggest you to do the same, starting positioning them the height you prefer.
      Let me know how it is going 🙂

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